NOORSAT broadcasts over 350 Free-To-Air (FTA) TV, Pay TV (PTV) and radio channels, in both Standard and High Definition, to the only two Hotspots serving the Arab World:

  • 7/8° West orbital position via EUTELSAT 7 West A (NOORSAT 7) and EUTELSAT 8 West B (NOORSAT 7B) satellites
  • 25.5°- 26° East orbital position via EUTELSAT 25B (NOORSAT 1) satellite

Today, NOORSAT serves over 70 million TV homes across the entire Arab World.

7/8° West Orbital position

EUTELSAT 7 West A (NOORSAT 7) provides high power and full coverage of the entire Arab World. The satellite became operational in 2011, with an expected lifetime of 15 years.

We were proud to expand our DTH TV satellite capacities with EUTELSAT 8 West B (NOORSAT 7B). The satellite was launched in August 2015 to meet burgeoning demand across the Arab region. Located at the most watched Hotspot, the satellite also features an anti-jamming feature to protect TV channels rom possible jamming and interference.

25.5°- 26° East Orbital position

With its unique, extensive coverage and high power, EUTELSAT 25B (NOORSAT 1) ensures the reach of TV channels to the entire Arab World.

NOORSAT provides its customers with a range of satellite services content delivery options via NOORSAT’s Teleport and Broadcasting Centre:

  • Backhaul of channels on any satellite capacity owned by NOORSAT.
  • NOORSAT provides extensive options to customers that require delivery of recorded or live content in real-time.
  • Turnaround of customers’ TV channels that are carried on satellites received at NOORSAT’s Teleport.
  • If content is not required to be broadcast live, customers may courier their recorded content via external hard drive to NOORSAT’s Teleport and Broadcasting Centre.

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NOORSAT offers customers comprehensive management services and a cutting edge SD/HD TV Playout system that can be remotely accessed and controlled for more flexibility, allowing customers to:

- Ingest and store their media via tape, DVD, FTP, satellite or fibre.

- Prepare and compile their playlists.

- Handle multi audio tracks, enabling channels to broadcast with multi-lingual tracks.

- On-screen graphic control, ad insertion and graphics overlay.

As a newly added feature to NOORSAT’s TV Playout system, customers can now (upon request) connect their social media to their on-air channels, enabling our customers to communicate better with their viewers and help them prosper and grow.

NOORSAT can lease raw satellite capacity for TV backhauling on EUTELSAT 3B (NOORSAT 3B) and EUTELSAT 21B (NOORSAT 4B), to satisfy customers’ needs and enable them to transmit their live events and recorded content from their facility to NOORSAT’s Teleport and Broadcasting Centre.

EUTELSAT 3B : located at 3° East provides a wide coverage that includes the entire Arab World, Europe and reaches to parts of Central Asia.

EUTELSAT 21B : located at 21.5° East, the satellite’s power and coverage along with its orbital position, makes it one of the most desired satellites for TV backhauling services and it provides a wide coverage that includes the entire Arab World, Europe and reaches to parts of Central Asia.

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NOORSAT provides raw satellite capacity for around- the-clock TV Occasional Use Services at competitive prices via EUTELSAT 3B (NOORSAT 3B) located at 3° East and EUTELSAT 21B (NOORSAT 4B) located at 21.5° East. This capacity enables customers to cover up-to-date events, breaking news, entertainment, political, cultural and sports events.

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