Sat Magazine Year in Review

1 Mar 2016

2016: A Solid Year…and the Celebration of a Decade

By Omar Shoter, CEO NOORSAT

2016 has been another busy and eventful year for the team at NOORSAT®. With the inputs of our team, the company continues to grow with solid business across the entire Arab World. Today, the Direct-To-Home (DTH) TV satellites services reach all Arab viewers across the region.

On the whole, we are very positive about NOORSAT’s business. As we look at the year gone by, there are several key points that I would like to reflect on.

We celebrated 10 years in business

2016 has been a very special year for NOORSAT as we have celebrated our 10th anniversary. The company has enjoyed ten years of steady growth. This has been an important milestone in NOORSAT’s development and, as we look back, we see how far we have come.

As the first fully privately owned satellite service provider in the Arab World, NOORSAT has achieved a great deal in the last decade. We have become a reliable and sought after satellite service provider in the region, and I am very pleased to say that this had led to our significant market share. We use a state-of-the-art Teleport and Broadcasting Centre that offers round the clock monitoring and our strong customer service team is in place to provide impeccable support.

Now, with ten years behind us, we are focusing on the future at a time when there are so many exciting developments in our industry, and we are privileged to be a part of it.

We expanded the amount of TV and radio channels we carry

To date, NOORSAT carries over 350 TV and radio channels in both Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) quality to all Arab viewers across the Arab World. NOORSAT is the only company that offers DTH TV services on  both the 7/8°West and 25.5°-26.0°East orbital positions; the only two hotspots that serve the Arab World, through Badr Al Nile® (NOORSAT 7 and NOORSAT 7B satellites) and Badr Al Arab® (NOORSAT 1 satellite).

This rise in numbers reflects the fact that there is still demand for Direct-to-Home (DTH) TV services. This is our core market and we find that this growth is being driven heavily by the rise in regional content. We continue to serve this dynamic region with our cost-effective, high quality services supported by our dedicated customer service team.

We have completed our first full year of service on NOORSAT 7B

We were extremely proud to add NOORSAT 7B (7/8°West orbital slot) to our portfolio of capacity. The satellite was launched in August 2015 to help to meet the increased demand across the Arab region. The satellite began operations on October 1st 2015 and services were transferred from the NOORSAT 7B gap filler satellite. The satellite is located at the region’s most watched hotspot and is equipped with an anti-jamming feature to protect TV channels from potential jamming and interference. The satellite is functioning extremely well and we are looking forward to the delivery of services on this bird for many years to come. 

We have noted new trends for the future

At NOORSAT, we know the importance of recognising our customers’ requirements so that we can be proactive and respond in an agile way.  In doing this, we see trends that are occurring within the market and this enables us to plan for the future. This year, we have noted demand for both High Definition (HD) TV channels and low budget, small text, low bitrate TV channels. Both require the newest hi-tech available technology in the industry and we constantly upgrade our equipment to cater for this demand.

Businesses also have a great need for connectivity and we work with them to ensure that their mission-critical needs are met. We offer capacities that can serve broadband access, data applications, VoIP, GSM backhauling, and VSAT services for private and governmental networks. In addition, NOORSAT provides connectivity to fibre optic networks from different parts of the world to its broadcasting centre

We have enabled more broadcasters to switch to HD

This year, we are encouraging many broadcasters to make the transition from SD to HD, seamlessly. Our expert team can simplify what may seem like a daunting task by taking our customers through the process step-by-step and delivering the very highest standard of customer service. When our customers are ready to upgrade, we can provide the services they require.

We are looking forward to the future

In the coming year, we would like to continue to strengthen our standing in the market. As per our mission, we will continue to maintain NOORSAT’s position as a leading satellite service provider in the region, and to deliver the highest quality customer service at a competitive price.

Over the coming decade we are looking forward to see the company become the premier platform for Direct-to-Home (DTH) TV in the Arab World, to maintain our pace with industry developments and to provide new, hi-tech, satellite-based associated services.

NOORSAT is proud in committing to serve the Arab World with our wide range of high quality services and excellent customer relations. We are looking forward to our next ten years of business!